Based in Sydney, Max Polley is a freelance cameraman / producer who started out shooting and editing news in the Northern Territory’s Outback. Filming locations ranged as far West as the Kimberley and East to Cape York.

The 90’s saw a move to London and over the next few years Max filmed everything from current affairs and sporting documentaries to music videos in over 50 countries. Whilst based in Europe, he shot behind the scenes featurettes for movies; “Titanic”, “Emma”, “101 Dalmatians”  “Boogie Nights” and “Fierce Creatures” to name a few.

A 3 year tenure in London News saw Max working to tight deadlines, shooting, editing and up-linking stories for the London News Network on a daily basis. Max worked for the UK based IMG production company TRANS WORLD INTERNATIONAL for many years after that producing porting featurettes for Sky News UK and ESPN International.

Max has since worked extensively throughout the Australian television industry on various long form projects including “JOURNEYS TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH” “THE CLIMATE REALITY PROJECT” for Al Gore, “ATLAS: AUSTRALIA REVEALED” “LOVE IT OR LIST IT” and “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?”

Max has received numerous ACS awards for his camerawork.